About Wedding Masterpiece Films.

As a Chicago Wedding Video and Film company. We are very passionate about our work and work closely with our clients to create a unique film ensuring to capture those emotional moments, and retelling your story. We thrive on making our clients vision of their day come to life by carefully listening to your every need and constantly looking for those key moments on your special day. Every detail from your flowers, to your dress were carefully picked out, so we strive to make your special day our special day by ensuring to capture those things that were most important when planning and preparing for your grand day.
By creating a timeless film absent of fad or outdated effects, your wedding film will look as amazing years from now as it does today like the great masterpieces. If you are looking for a non-cookie cutter one wedding video fits all, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

About Elias Neris, Owner | Filmmaker.

I bought my first camera in 2005 to capture the birth of my daughter Maya. I recorded her nearly everyday since she was born. I  immediately fell in love with video and started to bring it to every family occasion. In 2007 a friend introduced me to a wedding videographer. We became friends and after going on 3 weddings with him he suggested I try shooting a wedding. I thought why not, I wasn’t eager about it but I figured I could get better at something I like to do. In June of 2007 I shot my first wedding, I was so nervous about messing up but everything turned out fine and I realized how much fun I had.
Now I have 2 beautiful daughters Maya 9, Isabela 6 and a wonderful wife of 17 years. I don’t get as nervous as I did before but I do get more emotional. Every time I see a bride or groom with their parents I think of my own girls. And when I see 2 people coming together and starting what I did 18 years ago it melts my heart every time.



Eli NerisPhoto courtesy of Jesus – www.bodasmodernas.com